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Welcome to the world of Steampunk Clothing & Accessories

Oh, the Bay! The place where airships gather from all around the world and beyond to put their cargo on the market: steampunk clothing like corsets, necklaces, sunglasses and rusty wonders that you wouldn’t think of in your wildest dreams. And above all, the Bay is the birthplace of many stories. Yours starts now…

You are in a dream, levitating. All around you is a thick mist that hides your beautiful face ( you are surely beautiful, because everyone who finds this place is) and gently starts to suffocate you. A deep humming hits your ears and it gets louder and louder. Just when you would think that this is a nightmare, the fog disappears. You look down and see a giant, long balloon blowing off the mysterious matter that tried to ruin your soon-to-be classy dream. While the thing is quite spectacular, you decide to look around, and all you can say is just: “Wow!”. You are encircled by a fleet of a thousand airships blowing off steam. All aboard are the most elegant and weird people you’ve ever seen.

You finally found the answer: You are in a steampunk dream! Just as you realize this, a classy man with a cylinder and goggles reaches out to you and pulls you in one of the ships. He says:

Welcome to the land of of who knows where, in a time that never was. Welcome to the Zeppelin Bay!


What now?

This place is not a regular shop. It is a living and breathing world in which every little piece has a story. Not even the Ministry can give answers to some of the stuff that happens here. So…feel free to explore every little corner. You will find many surprises along the way and you might end up falling in love with some beautiful pieces of steampunk clothing here. That is not the main goal though. It is the journey that gets you there. And your journey begins here… Safe travels in the sky!